Postgraduate Scholarships

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Scholarship Privileges
1. A monthly bursary of SR 1,900
2. A preparation allowance when coming for the first time of SR 1,800.
3. The candidate would receive the health care.
4. Providing an accommodation and facilities.
5. Subsidized meals can be provided for the candidate.
6. A total sum of SR 4,000 for PhD, and SR 3.000 for masters' allowance for printing the thesis.
7. An allowance of SR 2,700 for shipping books (when graduated).
8. Providing the candidate with a two-way ticket annually.

Tasks and Duties of Scholarship Student
Graduate scholarship students are expected to fulfill their research obligations to the best of their knowledge, training, and ability; to carry out their responsibilities and perform their duties in accordance with all relevant KAU rules and regulations. They should devote a sufficient amount of time and energy towards achieving their degree.

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